A passion

It all began in 1935, when Lluis Ferré Pascual, son of a family of winegrowers from the Penedès, married Maria Catasús Domènech secretly. The marriage was not blessed by either of their families, especially that of Lluis Ferré Pascual, who was disinherited.

Currently his descendents and specifically Lluís Ferré, continue the family dream by putting their soul into the “Ferré I Catasús” winery.

A soul that spreads curiosity and enthusiasm, from which wines with innovative aromas emerge, breaking rules and opening up new paths.
The best wine is the one you like most Lluís Ferré


We like endless after-dinner gatherings, conversations with heartfelt words and shining eyes.

The basic preparation of the soil begins with ploughing. Previous crop residues and weeds are removed many weeks before planting vines. Ploughing improves the ventilation and drainage of the soil.

This is the key moment in the winemaking process, as during this time, the winemakers take a series of decisions that are crucial in determining the characteristics of the wine that will be produced and the quality that it will be able to achieve.

This is carried out after the harvest. Its function is basically to remove the plant part of the grape, known as the stem or stalk.

Wine maceration is essential for the extraction of aromas, tannins and colour. Wine maceration is the process that consists in the fact that the must ferments or macerates temporarily before fermentation, in the presence of the skins and pips, for a period of between 1 and 4 weeks. Depending on the grape variety and the conditions of each tank.

This is the final process of the wine, which can range from young wines that have no ageing, to special wines that have various ageing times (in casks, demijohns, etc.) depending on the desired characteristics.

Our Values

We want to take wine culture beyond the usual horizons and that is why we take risks.

  • Tradition

    We have been working at Masía Gustems since 1935, perpetuating the family tradition generation after generation.
  • Innovaction

    New wines, new varieties, new combinations...new palates.
  • Sustainability

    Sustainable, ecological, certified and products apt for vegan consumption. We control the whole process from our vineyards.
  • Divulgation

    We want to make the world of wine better, with didactic and educational experiences.